The Team

Leaders ­

Daniel Uslan, MD, Director

Brandy Bryant, MPH, Project Manager

Meganne Kanatani, PharmD, ID Pharmacist 

Zahra Kassamali, PharmD, ID Pharmacist

Jen Curello, PharmD, ID Pharmacist

Romney Humphries, PhD, Microbiology

Elise Martin, MD, Infectious Diseases


The goals of the program are to improve the care of adult hospitalized patients receiving antibiotics by:

  1. Reducing use and duration of intravenous antimicrobials by implementing evidence-based appropriate interventions when they occur.
  2. Monitoring patients receiving antimicrobials with known safety concerns.
  3. Developing accessible, evidence-based disease-specific antimicrobial use guidelines and clinical pathways.
  4. Developing an educational curriculum to improve knowledge and practice of infectious diseases and enhance knowledge of the relationship between antibiotic use and resistance.
  5. Optimizing the outcomes of patients receiving antimicrobials.
  6. Improving system-wide antimicrobial reporting data.
  7. Improving appropriate use and duration of antimicrobial surgical prophylaxis.
  8. Exploring novel antimicrobial dosing strategies to optimize pharmacodynamics in patients with drug-resistant infections.
  9. Coordinating the program activities with Hospital Epidemiology, Quality Management, Pharmaceutical Services, and relevant committees including the P&T committee and Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Committee.
  10. Monitoring of appropriate process and outcome measurements.